Gardening weather

Well, as any good gardener knows, you need rain to have a good garden.  But really, when is enough, enough? But today was a nice, sunny, kind of chilly day.  Perfect weather for the lettuce, radishes, and spinach I’ve planted.

Look at those chives…I’ve heard that chive blossoms are good, may have to do some research on that one.

This chilly, rainy weather is also perfect for pansies.

Of course, pansies die back as soon as it starts getting hot.  Then I’ve always got to figure out what else to plant.

I’m looking forward to getting my tomatoes and peppers set out.  I guess it won’t be any time soon though.  We’re supposed to have chilly weather for the next week or so.  I imagine when summer hits, it’ll be instantaneous…60 one day, 90 the next.  Ah well…there’s something to enjoy about every season.

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  1. We have the same chill/cold weather here. Have to run the heat at night, in May!
    I really glad I did not set out and vegetables yet. Not because I knew the weather would be so crazy this spring. Rather because I was…procrastinating! Guess just this once it paid off. However if we don’t have enough hot weather this summer the pumpkins and watermelon will never be fully grown before fall. Needless to say will be sad for the tomatoes too.

    • It was so cold this morning that I wore my winter coat to work…brr…I’m not a big fan of super hot weather, but there are certain crops that perform better in those types of conditions..I’m so looking forward to fresh tomatoes…

  2. A couple people in our office are looking to plant soon. Hope to see an update of your garden when it gets warm!

    • I’ll post so many updates as the season progressed that you’ll probably be yelling “stop!!”. I just really have always enjoyed gardening, got that from my grandmother.

  3. Lovely! My herbs are still growing (it’s been a little over a month) and I’m very excited! Oregano and chives over wintered and are Jamming! If only I knew what to do with them… So until I am trained, I just chop and mash and rub with olive oil – mmmmm!

    • funny Kris!! I don’t really do a lot with my herbs either…I want to, but I just don’t. I will use the chives on baked potatoes (very original, I know) and in pasta salad. Of all the herbs I grow, the only one I use consistently is cilantro…I eat a lot of salsa!! Maybe someday we’ll figure out what to do with the abundant supply of herbs we grow!!

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