BzzAgent…first campaign

I signed up with to try actual products, share my opinions, and often coupons, with my friends and give honest reviews of the products I try.  I thought it sounded like a fun way to get to try new products and possibly have some influence over what companies produce.

My first campaign is with CoverGirl‘s new NatureLuxe collection.  I received my kit yesterday…

…a full-sized tube of the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and a full-sized tube of the NatureLuxe Gloss Balm, information about the products and five coupons to share with my friends.

In reading about the foundation, I really like that it’s made with a lot of natural ingredients such as jojoba and rosehip extracts.  I haven’t used a liquid foundation in several years.  When I discovered mineral foundation, I gave up the heavy liquid ones.  I’d always had problems with the heavier liquid foundations causing my skin to be irritated and break out.  Those problems disappeared when I began using mineral makeup.

So I’m a little leery of going back to a liquid foundation, but I’m going to give this a fair trial and report back honestly about whether or not I like it.  With that in mind, I used the new foundation yesterday and was surprised at how lightweight it felt on my skin.  It provided good coverage, actually better coverage than the mineral makeup I’ve been using, that lasted all day.  It was easy to apply with just a little tingle when I first put it on.

The color of the lip balm kind of scared me when I first saw it in the tube.  I’m very fair-skinned and bright lip colors just don’t work for me.  I was pleased with the soft look once I applied it though.  The color was nowhere near as intense on my lips as it was in the tube.  It wasn’t sticky at all and the color lasted for quite a while.  I can see myself using this every day for work.

So far, I’m pleased with the CoverGirl NatureLuxe products.  I’ll have to use the foundation for a couple of weeks to make sure it’s not going to cause problems with my skin, but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated regardless.  Now, which of my friends want those coupons to try these products for themselves?

6 Responses

  1. I checked out BzzAgent. Thanks for sharing the word about it. Pretty fun.

  2. It really is. You have to wait a little while for your first campaign to come through, but while you’re waiting, you can post product reviews to earn extra “points”…yikes, that reminds me, I still need to finish a few more for April!!

  3. Great review! I am a BzzAgent as well. This is one campaign I did not make it into.
    I was a little frighted when I first observed the color of your lip care as well. Glad to hear it all worked out. Be sure to let us know how the foundation works. I too have sensitive skin.

    • yeah, the lip color looks really dark/vibrant in the tube, but is much more muted on…thank goodness. I’ve kind of not been wearing foundation for the past few days as I’ve been on vacation…go back to work in a few days tho…so I’ll definitely do an update at that time!

  4. Hi, I’m a Bzz agent too & I have just got into my first campaign, which isn’t as exciting as yours 😦 I absolutely love red lipstick!

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