The Royal Wedding

William and Kate shun traditional wedding list...

I was at work today and had an elderly lady come through my line.  She saw a magazine about the royal wedding and was so excited.  She started talking about them (William? and Kate…see, that’s how up to date I am on all of this) like they were part of her family, grandkids or something.  Just because I have very little interest in all of this royal stuff doesn’t mean I didn’t find this lady’s attitude cute…she really was sweet.

I asked her if she was going to watch all of the proceedings.  She acted surprised that I’d even ask such a question.  She said she’d stay up all night to watch it if she had to.  I’m sure I’ll see plenty on the news and online without losing sleep over it.

This got me thinking about Diana and Charles’ wedding.  I did watch that one…back in the day when I still believed in fairy tales, I guess.  The way that all ended serves to remind me that no one really lives a fairy tale existence.  We may go into it thinking we have it all when we marry our prince, move into that castle, and find adoration wherever we go.  But the life we lead away from prying eyes could be devoid of happiness, filled with insecurities and deceit.  We never really know everything about the lives of others…sometimes I don’t even know everything about my own life.

I do know I want to live my life according to my beliefs.  I don’t want to have to worry about what people I don’t even know think about me.  I want to be kind and considerate (and I usually am…hey, I’m human…definitely not a saint), help those who need help, fight for causes in which I believe.  I want to be at peace with myself.  After all, I spend more time with myself than with anyone else.  Being true to myself brings me a measure of contentment.  I may never have everything I want (and really, who does?  The more you get, the more you want, right?), but I do have everything (and more) that I need.  Not a princess, fairy tale kind of life, but all in all, a pretty good life.  I’ll take that!

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  1. You said it! I’m trying to get excited over the latest wedding but having a hard time getting there.

  2. yeah, it doesn’t really mean a lot to me…it kind of amazes me how many people are really into it tho..

  3. 4.24
    Considering the perpetually decaying enviornment we live in, I am better off staying in this life and trying to make progress.
    Yes, it will only happen with a decent job like BART and my health, for that era of misery has passed, which suggests the gods are motivated not to help me as they claim but to continue sabotaging my hope, as they did in 1975 and 1989.
    I could have made progress. It’s the only way in this final stage of Planet Earth. But they were motivated to build on the misery they inflicted upon me as a child. They claim they were trying to help me, but I suspect other motives.
    Compromising their integrity has doomed this thing. But I guess it had to be someone. Unfortuntely, it was me.

    Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke.
    Maureen tok her kids to see this movie when it came out. “We sold Ann on earning.” “She was!!.” Yea, she’s doin great.

    The gods pulled off the whole Moses theater.
    Much as we saw with the Hugo situation, expect the gods used prior lives to justify the dynamics and positioning of the Jesus event.
    Even if a clone of the gods, his status is very low:::He’s the guy who sweeps up.

    The greatest invention of all time (except AI)::::The washing machine.

    Even if I go to HAwaii I will never again experience the strength and stmina of my years hiking:::The ’00s.

    Because the gods compromised themselves they lost their integrity and have been downgraded from gods to trash with absolute power.
    As gods they were held to a higher standard, one of moral superiority one which they abandoned to achieve the Hugo Situation.

    Unloading their responsibility on me.
    There is nothing I can do about your behavior, so if you’re so inclined you’re going to help them.
    Please don’t do it in my presence.

    For-profit healthcare:::::Fresinius’s “liberties” illustrated the immorality of privatized healthcare.

    Peter and that kid crave for beef jerkey so hard that cunt should buy Jerkey Treats for dogs and sell it as the real thing.

    The gods are trying to unload their responsbility and create a motivation for me to teach Mike. “He’s listening.” You’re pushing that it’s true.
    He is my enemy. I have disowned Mike and his descendants. One had to lose. “Sounds like him.” Recall how he celebrated so hard believing I paid the the family and for him in the pedophile scandal. Think about how he delighted.
    There are three. One had to be disowned. Why not the one who gave me the foot numb poison in 2.09???
    He’s on his own. I have no obligation to him. Any priveledge he may have is with you. Please don’t unload your repsonsibility on me, only granting you the freedom to later blame me for a degenerate bastard learning the truth.
    You skeeming, coniving behavior and positioning has ruined your integrity. You are no longer gods.
    You are inferiors.

    I prefer not to fight. It has never done any good.
    You need to understand these “attempts” to help me will do no good either. Perhaps it is a function of the amount of abuse, perhaps a function of the totality of my life which has been sacrificed.
    You weren’t trying to “help” me in 1975 or 1989. Being my history claims of 11.03 (ankle/shoulder) and 2008 (renal) really doesn’t matter.
    Arguing will get you nowhere.
    This is the way it is. Your positioning buys you minimal culpability, despite being composer, conductor and symphony. You proposed and approved this Situation, and therefor this help for the disfavored, but in you coniving wisdom you turned the tables and now blame me for something you claim to have not wanted.
    Cleaver. Unrespectable.
    I prefer amicable closure. Had I gotten BART 1.3.2000 or 7.03 I’d being to become thankful, despite the loss of my childhood so you could successfully execute the Hugo SItuation. It would have, of course, necessitated you absolve me of renal, at least until I was older, like so many of those people in the outpatient center.
    Had this occurred I may have come around. Even with the loss of my childhook. And you easily could have played it off as “corporate compassion”, enabling positionability.
    Only then may you have heard respect, heard me at night, seen me in a Temple or a church.

    The gods proposed, approved and lead this Situation along but now claim it was not their intent or what they wanted, giving them the freedom to punish me, perhaps fatally, completeing their positioning with corporate involved.

    RIck Springfield showed up on ABC’s Gneral Hospital right around Hugo’s Luke and Laura.
    And I had to leave UCSB for lack of money.

    The Broadcast is over.
    If they learn(ed), great. If not, oh well.
    This has been going on for too long, consumed too much of my life and now I live in pain. Fuck it all.

    Hooker scene, Full Metal Jacket.
    “It ain’t funny, Hugo. She corrupted these men.” Already sound corrupted to me.

    Gods woke me up this morning with SOB, couldn’t sleep.
    And this after one cup of tea last night. Malicious justification.
    I was warned years ago to not allow them the freedom, because they would try to control me by inflicting pain.
    And what hope did I have in 2007 when they got me off the trail? Were they to forego renal I’d have gotten BART 1.3.2000 or 7.03.
    They were going to follow through.
    “We want you up early.” Similarly:::::
    “we want you obese.”
    “We want you to waste your youth in front of the television.”
    “We want you inactive.”

    Blacks:::Propensity towards violence.

    In Debt We Trust
    “When did we go from a nation who made things to a nation who buys things?”
    It happened when the gods revealed AI to the Italians, which eventually eliminated living wage ditch digging jobs and led to the restructuring the upper management of corporate America.
    This pleased the gods as well because it provides massive temptation to the most disfavored of Western Civilization, creating an enviornment similar to the temptation-ridden ghetto of the United States. Never forget the gods punished these people hard with the Noah’s Flood event, when the Straight of Gibralter finally broke through with rising sea levels.
    Two good examples are corporate tax code and even the recently contrived economic collapse and resulting corporate bailout. And the gods will never institute a flat tax because they want to maintain this temptation.

    Ironic, just as the incompetent Italians need to be propped up by AI even to achieve minimally satisfactory work, so is it true for the 20-year-old uneducated clone hosts newly placed in these bodies.

    Was going with Geico and get great coverage for the same price, but they would have wanted an explanation for my licence revocation in 2009.
    And it was totally unnecessary, considering treatment began. But I guess that had to be determined in DMV’s appellate department. As a result I am stuck with 15/30/15 in the land of $100k cars.
    Pick on Geico HARD. I know how they feel. Force an UNREASoNABLE amount of advertizing. Should have signed with Geico.
    Look how close to renewal I am. They’d want an explanation, time to review, etc.
    Damn cop. It was exertian based. Sitting on my fat ass in my car I was fine.
    You hurt me too much. No wonder, hun? Lucky it was only one.
    So far.

    I suspect the gods offered clues about Kevin twice:::
    1. The Porche he owns is the “fake” kind, the one with the Volkswagon engine.
    2. Austin’s appearance suggesting military may speak to Kevin’s pre-Vietnam attitudes or perhaps a clue he did not enter clone hosting until the 70s, as a preditor, rather under duress prior to Vietnam. His placement in the highly destructive Hugo Situation confirms this.

    San Carlos FD privatization.
    Motherfuxking upper management will just blow the savings on salary. Expect this is dog-eat-dog, and the city leaders have the power to protect their $400k salary.

    Canceling dental as soon as I signed up for MediCal was malicious.

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