Storms and Spooky Girl do not agree

Thunderstorm - NOAA

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Well, it’s most definitely spring in Indiana…in the 80s yesterday, thunderstorms in the early morning hours, drizzle all day, and now the sun is shining…oh yeah, and they’re calling for snow Friday night…gotta love it!

Spooky doesn’t particularly enjoy thunderstorms and she reminded me of that early this morning.  I’m not sure if I woke up because of the thunder or because Spooky was trying to hide from the loud booms.  The problem was, she was trying to hide under me as I was trying to sleep.  I guess she thought that, if lightning were to strike, being underneath me would keep her safe.  Unfortunately for both of us, she left a few scratches on my arm in her search for safety.  Unfortunate for me, because I don’t relish cat scratches at any time, but especially when I’m trying to sleep.  Unfortunate for Spooky, because the scratches didn’t put me in the mood to be all comforting and protective.  Don’t worry, I did give in and let her slip under the comforter.  I even got up and turned the fan on in an effort to drown out the noise.  It must have worked, because she went to sleep and slept for several hours.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t go back to sleep…sometimes I’m so jealous of the life my cat leads.