LiveWell challenge update


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We’re now in our third week of the LiveWell challenge at work…aiming to take at least 10,000 steps a day.  I’ve hit that goal every day of the challenge once you factor in things like biking.  That feels pretty good, at least I’m back in the exercise habit.

As a team, we’re holding steady at around 350th place (out of 1607 teams), so everyone is making the effort and tracking their steps online…I’m pretty proud of all the members of the team!!

I was at work the other day when I got a page that I had a phone call.  When I answered the phone, it was someone from Human Resources.  I thought, “Great, now what do I have to take the time to look up for them?”  However, she was calling me to inform me that my name had been drawn as one of the weekly prize winners of the challenge.  I was quite surprised and pleased.

Last night, I was going through my emails and came across the email detailing what prizes I could choose.  There were several very tempting gift cards, an exercise kit, a nice roomy soft sided cooler, OR a healthy lunch at work for the members of my team.  Okay…should I be selfish and go with a gift card?  Should I be generous and choose the healthy lunch for the team?  Should I go with the exercise kit or the cooler?  Decisions, decisions.

The exercise kit didn’t really contain much that I don’t already have, so mark that off the list.  The cooler would be really handy, but I do already have several insulated lunch totes, so cross that one off.  Now it comes down to…selfish…generous…selfish…generous…

So…since I didn’t really do anything to win that everyone else wasn’t also doing, I decided to go with the healthy lunch for my team…go team!!!

I just received a reminder postcard to sign up for the next Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K in September…I’ll be there…need to do some major training for it though.  At least this challenge at work has got me moving again…that’s the first step…and I’ve taken it!