Why is it so expensive to eat healthy?

I had the day off work today (finally) and knew I had to go to Kroger to buy the basics…bread, milk, fruit and veggies.  I’m determined to get back to eating a healthy diet and start losing some of this weight I’ve gained.  So I looked at the ad, went through my coupons and made out my list.  Unfortunately, it seems that healthier foods are more expensive and there are fewer coupons out there for things like fresh fruit and veggies.

I was able to use coupons for yogurt

The small containers, I’ll take to work.  The plain yogurt, I’ll use in smoothies…had a smoothie for dinner tonight, strawberries, banana, spinach, yogurt and a little milk.  Smoothies make me feel like I’m eating something unhealthy, like a shake…but, if I make it myself, I can control exactly what’s in it and keep the calorie count down.

I did buy some Gorton’s fish that was on sale and I matched that up with a coupon.  I don’t eat a lot of fish, but I do like it.  It makes for a pretty quick dinner when I come home from work late.

I bought broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions, bananas, apples and cole slaw mix…all on sale.  I looked at a lot of the other fruits and veggies and just couldn’t convince myself to pay what they were asking for them…the price of produce sure makes having a garden even more appealing…

The radishes I planted last week are starting to come up.  The lettuce hasn’t emerged yet, but radishes are always the first of the seeds to sprout.  This weekend, I’m going to plant more lettuce, spinach and radishes.  I tell you, I’m not going to be a slave to high produce prices…I’ll grow my own and eat what’s in season…hmm…sounds like what my grandma did years ago…

Anyhow, on my shopping trip, I stayed under my $50 food budget (right around $47) and saved 22%…nothing like the 50%+ trip of a week or so ago, but I did buy only healthy food and totally stuck to my list.

I did manage to prepare my meals for work for the rest of the week (I have this weekend off…woohoo!!).   I cooked some veggie pasta with broccoli and carrots, grilled a chicken breast, shredded the chicken and added it to the cooled pasta.  Mixed it with a  little of my secret ingredient…Hendrickson’s sweet olive oil and vinegar dressing…put everything on a bed of fresh spinach.

Now isn’t that better than a fast food burger?!

Here’s what I saw out my kitchen door today…gorgeous!

2 Responses

  1. Good points,
    But it’s not that it’s expensive to eat healthily, it’s that it’s cheap to eat poorly.
    The processing of food has made it too cheap, and then fresh food seems more expensive by comparison.
    That’s why everybody is getting fat !

    • Absolutely…the cheap stuff is so bad for us…and you can always find that junk on sale and coupons on top of the sales. I’m heading out to the farmers’ market Saturday…may not be less expensive, but it’ll sure be fresher and I’ll be supporting local farmers!

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