On spring and gardening in Indiana

Daffodil flowers.

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Ahh…spring in Indiana…the forsythia gracefully swaying in the breeze, the stately magnolias braving the possibility of a freeze, the cheerful daffodils bobbing brightly in the sun, sweetly scented hyacinths sending forth their perfume, curly leaves of tulips forming the bowl from which the riotous flowers will spring.  The colors, the scents, the textures…no artist can paint a more beautiful picture.

As I was walking today, I was able to experience the full spectrum of all that spring has to offer, including sleet and snow!  What in the world?!  It is almost April…high time to put winter weather behind us. At least when we get snow now, we know it won’t last long.  Today was no exception…no accumulation and now the sun is shining and reminding us that spring truly is upon us.

With spring comes the urge to garden.  Today I decided to spend a few minutes looking at the seeds I have and planning what else I need to buy (Yes, I know the perfect time for this is in January…just didn’t manage to get anything done in January…no time like the present).

I like to grow several varieties of lettuce in the spring and early summer.  And now is the right time to get spinach and radishes planted too.  Tomatoes and peppers need to be started so they’re a decent size to set out once the danger of frost is past (I usually push this by planting some in pots that I can bring inside if I have to).  Today I planted one planter of mixed lettuce and radishes as well as two types of tomatoes (Roma and Big Boy).  I also planted three types of peppers (bell pepper, jalapeno and my favorite, a four-way hybrid from Burpee). 

I will very likely buy seedlings from farmers at my city’s farmers’ market.  I’ve managed to find several heirloom varieties that way…some I liked and some, well, not so much.  When you garden, you never know exactly what you’ll get.  Sometimes the weather works against you.  Last year was a great year with my peppers, but the tomatoes didn’t really produce as I’d hoped they would.  Whatever happens, it’s a joy to get outside and play a part in feeding yourself all the produce that’s just bursting with flavor.  It won’t be long before we can be taking a bite out of a big juicy tomato fresh from the vine.  That makes today’s snow a little more bearable.

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  1. Great info and great photos!

    Choose Happiness!

  2. choose happiness…I like that~

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