I’m fortunate to work with friends


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Today was another work day…a lot to do and not enough people to get it all done.  Stress, headache, feeling like I’ll never get caught up.  Then my whole day got better…three of the women I work with came in to the office just as I was preparing for a conference call.  I couldn’t really figure out what they wanted until I saw the gift bag one of them was holding.  Oh my, how could I have forgotten that tomorrow is my birthday? And how very sweet that they remembered.  They’d gone together to get this for me…

Isn’t it a blessing to work with people who are such good friends that they know exactly what you like?  That they knew I would love this pink purse…love it because it’s pink and because it’s small (I don’t like large purses, never have).  Isn’t it wonderful to work with people who are more than co-workers?  People who are also friends?  I’m blessed in so many ways and so very grateful to work with such sweet, thoughtful people.  Life is good!


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