Irish kitties

Green beer on St. Patrick's Day

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It’s almost that time of year again, when the whole world is Irish.  It’s no different around my house.  While I actually have Irish ancestry, the two little girls who live with me don’t.  The youngest one was born just a few miles from here, in Greene county, Indiana.  She’s been with me for almost five years now.  She loves to play games (tag is her favorite…she loves it when I run into the kitchen and slide on the tiles…then she comes charging in and tries to catch me…which she usually manages to do…she’s a lot faster than I am) and sleep cuddled under the blankets.  She loves to watch the birds outside the kitchen window and eat treats (Goodlife Recipe, not little birdies).  She hates to be picked up when she’s sleeping, loud knocking on the door and dogs!

Hmm…Spooky looks like she’s had a little too much green beer!! (Please don’t be alarmed…she’s never even tasted beer!)

My other girl has led a less privileged life.  About three winters ago, she showed up outside my back door…hungry, skinny and cold.  I really didn’t want to go thru another adoption, but I couldn’t stand to see her out there suffering either.  I began feeding her, but I knew I had to do something when I went outside and she was sleeping under the dryer vent to try to stay warm.  I brought her in, careful to keep her separated from Spooky (who can be a bit of a terrorist at times).  Goldi is an older girl, the vet isn’t sure exactly how old she is but is pretty sure she’s more than ten years old.  She’s as sweet as can be, but I sometimes wonder what happened to her people…did she simply get lost? Did her people move and accidentally  leave her behind?  Was she abandoned?  I guess I’ll never know the answer, but at least Goldi has finally found a home where she never has to be hungry or cold again.

Oh the indignity…I figure wearing the little hat is a small price to pay for plenty of food and a soft bed…and it’s only once a year!  My little Irish lass!

Hmm…and here’s what Spooky thinks about the whole being Irish for a day thing…blarney!!


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