Do you ever do things just to see how others will react?


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Do you ever take a stand on an issue just because you want to listen to someone else freak out?  Do you start  discussions knowing that you’ll be starting the equivalent of WWIII?  Or say something just to get a rise out of someone?  Or do something that you know will irritate someone just because you think it’ll be fun to watch their response?  I sometimes do these things (not especially proud of this, but not ashamed either).  I don’t ever want to hurt anyone, but I do enjoy seeing people get all crazy acting sometimes…I mean it’s often over the silliest of things (in my view).  And I really don’t like to be bored…always want to have something going on! 

I like to kid around. I like to push people’s buttons (and truthfully, most people make it really easy).   People are passionate  and easily drawn into discussions (or arguments…if that’s how you want to look at it).  I have a lot of friends…conservative friends (I know, hard to believe, but it’s true)…who practically worship the ground upon which Rush Limbaugh walks…so it’s really easy to get them fired up by making any kind of disparaging remark about him (and yes, Rush makes it really, really easy…so much to work with there).

It occurred to me the other day that perhaps I was more like old Rush than I’d ever have believed…I think he does exactly the same thing…he starts arguments just to get a rise out of people (oh yeah, and to get ratings!!!!).  I mean really, he can’t possibly actually believe all that stuff that comes out of his mouth, can he?  I wonder if he’s ever listened to himself?  But then, really I very rarely listen to myself either.  Whew…another similarity…scary!!

If only I could figure out a way to make this trait pay big, Rush and I would have even more in common!  Hmm…I’ll have to give this some thought…see what I can come up with and then I can laugh all the way to the bank just like I’m sure Rush does!


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