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Had I only known how good teachers have it, I’d have joined their ranks years ago.  Little did I know I, too, could have become part of the privileged elite.  I’m slapping myself for not seeing this sooner…how could I have been so dumb?

I could have worked from, oh I don’t know, 7:50 am to, what?, 2:45 pm?  What a great gig!  Weekends off…every holiday off…all summer off….  So what if I would have had to deal with kids who haven’t been taught to respect anyone, or who have had no discipline in their lives, kids who come to school hungry, sick, sleepy or dirty.  Anyone can deal with those minor issues for a few hours a day, five days a week, right?

And if I’d been stripped of all authority, had to deal with parents who wanted me to do my job as well as theirs, had to deal with a school board run as a political institution and had to face increasingly ridiculous standardized testing processes designed by politicians to “fix” the problems that they’d created…well…so what?  At least I would have made a ton of money, would have had benefits comparable to the Wall Street elite and would have been able to retire to my mansion somewhere in the tropics.

And so what if I’d had to work into the night at home grading the work of other people’s children instead of helping my own child with her homework?  My kid would have  felt privileged to be the offspring of someone who was a member of the elite class.  All other parents had to struggle to make ends meet whereas I, as a teacher, would have  had it made in the shade…no struggles for the teaching elite!  I could have been laughing at all those gullible taxpayers as I cashed my enormous checks and watched my pension grow astronomically!

Oh wait…I’ve become a little confused…teachers? Privileged elite? Enormous paychecks?  To die for benefits?  Oh heck, the entire time I was talking about teachers, I really meant politicians…privileged, selfish, egotistical, cheating scum of the earth politicians…my mistake…so sorry!

And for all you teachers out there (or anyone who knows and loves a teacher), keep up the good fight.  You have a thankless job, but I want to express my gratitude for all that you do day in and day out!  Teachers rock!


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  1. Thank you for this! I come from a family of teachers, and plan to be one after I finish the grad degree (albeit overseas, which will come with an entirely different set of problems). I hate to call it “thankless,” though, because there will always be a few students that appreciate what the teacher does–they just might not realize it until long after the fact!

    • no, honestly..thank you and your family for all you do…you’re right, there are people who will appreciate what you do…unfortunately right now, it doesn’t seem that many of those people are running the government…

  2. I’d love to say I agree, but I don’t. I live in Canada and we treat our teachers differently. Teachers are paid very well here. Their pension plan is the best in the country. Their benefits are the Cadillac of plans. They get 9 weeks off in the summer, 2 weeks at Christmas, a week in March, 10 paid professional development days, many sick/personal days. If they have to grade papers from 2:45 until 5:00, which is when the average person works until, oh well. Sadly, they think they are very over worked and underpaid.

    • Not being from Canada, I can’t answer to that…I just know here our teachers really are underpaid…I have family members and friends who are teachers so I know how much time they spend “off the clock” working and how much of their own money they have to spend just to have supplies for their students…people always talk about how important education is, but I don’t think the actions of our elected officials support education…here in Indiana, our governor wants to take tax money and give it to private schools…not something I’m in favor of, for sure…support the schools we have, fund them adequately and the entire state can reap the benefits…not too many politicians listen to me tho…

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