Eggs over easy and the creeks are rising


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Whew!!  What a rainy, dismal day here in Indiana.  Standing water everywhere…I’m guessing last summer’s drought is now officially over!  And did I hear a weather forecaster call for snow tomorrow?  WHAT??  I am so ready for spring weather.  To be honest, we’ve had some pretty nice weather lately (well, except today).  Spring is definitely right around the corner. 

Spring always has me thinking about gardening…I’ve enjoyed gardening for many years.  Now my garden consists of pots on my back patio.  It’s really surprising how much I can grow in a few (okay, maybe more than a few) pots.  And there’s nothing to compare to the taste of a juicy ripe tomato that you picked less than two minutes ago.

Eggs, you might ask…how did we go from gardening to eggs?  Did Patti lose track of what she was writing about?  (Not that that hasn’t happened)  Oh no, the eggs definitely have something to do with gardening…not to mention tonight’s dinner.

Sometimes I just like to have breakfast for dinner and tonight was one of those times.

Now…how do eggs have anything at all to do with gardening?  Well, I read another blog the other day (and I’m so sorry that I can’t remember which one) that mentioned putting crushed eggshells in the pot (or hole) where you’re going to grow tomatoes to provide additional calcium to the plants.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve struggled with my tomatoes the past couple years…blossom end rot…and supposedly, the addition of calcium can help counter that!!  So, if you come to my house for the next few weeks, this is what you’ll see…

Eggshells, rinsed and drying.  And, hopefully, by the middle of the summer, you can come over and see my tomato plants healthy and loaded with gorgeous red globes, tiny grape tomatoes, heavy Romas and sunny yellow tomatoes…well worth a few eggshells scattered around my kitchen!

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