It’s a cat’s life

Grandfather Clock Face

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Whew…I had to be at work at 5 am this morning…that is just way too early to have to be out and about, unloading a truck, hands freezing, wondering if we’ll ever finish.  Well, finish we did… two and a half hours later.  Then sorting, stocking, trying to make time to get some of the important things done in the office (oh you know, important like payroll for instructors, HR files, time edits so people will get paid for the hours they actually worked…those kinds of important things)…finally the day ended (hmm…was just reminded of those old school days, when a loud ringing bell let you know that the day was over…not sure where that came from…could be because my absolute bestest friend from grade school on stopped by the store on her lunch hour today).

When I got home, I was greeted at the front door by old Goldie…think she just wanted food though.  And I could hear little Spooky crying upstairs, wanting to be released from her prison (I had to lock her in the bedroom today…thought the maintenance guys were going to stop by and do a little work…well, no…not today…so, prison for Spooky again tomorrow…poor little girl.

After doing some of the daily chores around the house, I walked into the living room and what did I see?  Well, a big lazy cat taking life easy…like really, what else does she have to do?  It’s not like I expect either of them to work for food.  Now there’s a thought, maybe, when I go to work in the morning,  I can drop them off at the corner with their little signs asking for donations for food…something along the lines of…

Can’t find a job in the local cat house …will work for seafood…help a retired mousecatcher…need milk for the litter of kittens at home

Of course, none of that’s true….neither of them has ever looked for a job, they won’t work for anything, food or otherwise, they’ve never been mousecatchers and there is no litter of kittens…just sayin’!

Seriously, does this look like a cat who has to work for a living?

And this one thinks she’s too good to even look at the camera.  What can you do when the kids grow up feeling entitled?  Who can you blame?  And how can I expect them to get out and get a job at this late stage?  I guess I’ll keep letting them sleep all day, eat me out of house and home, not clean up after themselves…I don’t know how to break out of this vicious cycle.  Woe is me, I am an enabler…the kitty enabler…I guess it truly is a cat’s life…I know they’ve trained me well!

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