I’m a winner!

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I sure do love giveaways, especially when I win something!  I’d almost forgotten about winning a case of Better Oats oatmeal until I opened the door to the FedEx guy yesterday.  When I opened the box, I was so pleased to see the assortment of flavors…I mean really, dark chocolate with a name like Lavish?  How could it not be good?!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the blogger who hosted the giveaway…Laura Williams at http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/  I now follow her blog and enjoy reading her posts at We Use Coupons as well…thanks so much for the chance to win this fantastic giveaway, Laura!

And I even look forward to getting my mail every day now…felt like I won the lottery yesterday with the haul I took in…

Got the P & G coupon booklet, the Organize Your Life coupon booklet, an envelope full of coupons from a coupon train on We Use Coupons, a free sample of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, a free sample of Maggi soup starter and the Remedy magazine.  I haven’t actually had the time to go through any of this yet, but I’m thinking that might be a pleasant interlude this afternoon with a cup of hot tea and some music.

I’m on vacation this week (yea, me!!).  I spent all day yesterday cleaning house…something I’ve neglected terribly lately.  But now it looks all fresh and clean.  Have you ever noticed that you just feel so much better when you walk through your front door and the house is clean and organized?  Now to tackle my spare bedroom…unfortunately not so clean and organized…yet!!  But I’m going to do a little each day…will probably have lots of goodies to give the bingo ladies for their prizes…something they really appreciate.  And I certainly appreciate the more organized nature of my spare room…thinking about turning it into a home gym, just not sure how I’d manage to get the treadmill up the stairs…oh well, that’s a problem for another day.

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  1. Isn’t winning giveaways fun!! Enjoy your loot (and your vacation)! 😀

    • It really is a lot of fun to win the giveaways…I’ve been surprised at just how many I’ve actually won in a short period of time…the only bad thing about vacations is that they always come to an end. Guess I need to pull the calendar out and plan my next one…

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