I have the weekend off work!  After a tough week at work, I was really looking forward to two days off.  Had all kinds of plans about what I’d get done today, but it hasn’t quite turned out that way.  I baked a pizza last night, intending to eat a couple slices and save the rest for the next few days.  I ended up eating twice what I’d planned and then was up all night with an upset stomach.  Now you’d think, after 50 years, I’d know better…but no…it tasted good and I just kept on eating…come on!!   Yes, the pizza was somewhat healthy, but how healthy is half a pizza?   So anyhow, just a few hours sleep last night and feeling really tired today.

I have done a couple of workouts over the course of the day…went for a walk early this morning…loving this sunshine we’re finally having.  And I’ve lifted weights…trying to decide between the exercise bike and the treadmill for my evening workout…or maybe dancing?  Hmm…decisions, decisions…

One thing days off are good for is spending some cuddle time with my little Spooky girl…not sure if she misses me when I’m at work or not.  She might just spend the time getting into things…like the day she unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom..sounds funny now, but it really wasn’t at the time!  At least I don’t have to spend a lot of money on toys for her!

Dinner tonight is going to be a smoothie.  That’s one of my favorite light meals after a long day at work (unless it’s really cold outside).  So, half a banana, some frozen strawberries, some yogurt and almond milk…oooh, it’s so good…wait a minute, who said that?  I can see the guy, but I can’t think of his name.

Definitely going to make tomorrow a better day…getting a good night’s sleep will make a huge difference.  Planning my meals and snacks for the first part of the week, along with my shopping trips (what coupons can I use to save a little dough?), then doing the actual prepping and cooking…turn on some music (some oldies please, from back in the Little Italy days) and enjoy myself while I’m getting some work done.  I guess I’m slowly getting back on track…I’ll get there, that much I believe!


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