To buy a packet of seeds is to believe in tomorrow

Mixed seed packets). Location: Maui, Walmart K...

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I picked up a little packet of zinnia seeds today (well, picked it up, took it to the cash register and paid for it…don’t want anyone thinking I stole it).  Here in Indiana, it’s been a very cold, snowy, icy winter…it’s starting to seem like it’ll never end.  But buying that little packet of seeds reminds me that winter really will end (eventually).  Spring will arrive bringing with it warmer temperatures and longer days, chirping birds  and daffodils  swaying in the breeze.

Through the dreary days of winter sometimes we need to be reminded of the rebirth that will soon be upon us.  When I’ve experienced some dark days in my life,  remembering that this too shall pass has often helped me endure until I’ve been able to step back into the light.  How blessed we are to be able to experience the joy of spring every year.  It’ll be here soon, and it will be all the more special because of the winter’s bitter cold.

Not bad for a little $1 packet of seeds, huh?


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