There’s no place like home

When I was younger, I thought Dorothy was crazy.  Home was the last place I wanted to be.  I wanted to be out with my friends, cruising the big city (okay…the small town next to our even smaller town), going bowling or skating, going out for pizza…ah to be that young again…or not. I think I much prefer my life now.  I know what I like.  I don’t worry about impressing other people…either you like me or you don’t…it’s all the same to me.  I enjoy my own company and I thoroughly enjoy being at home.

I came home from work today and started noticing the things I like about my house…this little vignette in my bedroom is one of my favorites.  I did the cross stitch piece for my mom many years ago.  She had it hanging in their guest bedroom.  My step father gave it back to me after Mom died.  It really reminds me of her every time I look at it.

This is another cross stitch piece that I completed several years ago.  It’s in my living room along with a few other needlework creations, some that I did and others that someone else did.  This piece never fails to remind me that we should always treat others at least as well as we’d like to be treated.

This vignette is also in my living room.  I’ve always been fascinated by bee skeps…I found this small one at an antique store in southern Indiana and just had to have it.  No, I’ve never been a bee keeper, but I’d like to do that at some point in the future…you know, once I get my little place in the country.  Fortunately for me, I’ve never been scared of bees!

I painted this bird house and set it inside a heavy cast iron bird bath.  I just thought the bird bath was too pretty to put outside…does cast iron rust?  That was my fear when I was trying to figure out what to do with it.

I put together this arrangement using acrylic water, some river pebbles and 3 calla lilies.  I remember my grandmother growing calla lilies when I was a little girl (many years ago).  And I just have to mention how much I love hand crocheted doilies.  I’ve found several at auctions, yard sales, thrift shops.  But my favorites are the ones that my mom, grandmother and a very good friend (thanks Donna) took the time to crochet for me.  Doilies are little works of art and I have them all over the place…one can never have too many doilies!!

I guess Dorothy knew what she was talking about after all.  There truly is no place like home.


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  1. Love your photos…your home looks very cozy. I used to do cross stitch once upon a time before computers. 🙂 I also used to crochet. I started a big round doily, but never finished it. Story of my life. I did finish some little crocheted coasters though. mini doilies. 🙂

    BTW, I live in icy Indiana too.

    • I’ve started many, many projects and not finished them…I keep thinking I’ll be able to stay busy when (if) I retire…lol

      I don’t do as much crafting now as I used to either…believe it or not, I work in a craft store…that doesn’t really give me much time to craft tho…I’m always so busy working that I don’t have the time to make anything (unless it’s a bow for a customer).

      So you live in Indiana too, huh? Are we going to get it again? Looks like it’s raining right now…as long as that’s all it does…no more snow!!!!

  2. It’s dry here right now..I think. I haven’t looked out the window lately. I’m sure more snow is around the corner. This is the winter that’s like the energizer bunny; it keeps going and going and going.

    I wondered where you worked; you sounded so busy at Christmas time.

    I finally have a hobby where I actually finish what I start. I make soy candles in cups. I love to find old teacups and saucers. It’s hard to find matching sets at the Goodwill. It’s fun to look though. I use mugs too, if they’re pretty or unique. I was pretty busy around Christmas time, but haven’t made many since. Taking a sabbatical so to speak.

    I am still trying to lose weight. (As usual) I started back to TOPS the first of January. That’s how I found your blog; after I started one about dieting. But there again, I quit writing any blogs.

    I enjoy reading yours though, so keep them coming. I just read your latest one about the seeds; very nice. I know that spring will be here sooner or later, and like you said, I will appreciate the warmer weather, budding flowers and chirping birds all the more after this long, hard winter.

  3. The soy candles sound adorable…you should think about blogging about the process of making them (with pictures, of course).

    Weight? Yeah…me too…still trying to lose…haven’t really managed to totally get back into my routine yet…gotta do that tho…I’m starting to feel the effects of not doing the strenuous workouts and definitely not eating right…how’s it going with TOPS? It’s always nice to have a support system.

  4. I’m glad I went back to TOPS. I first went to a TOPS chapter many, many years ago, when I was a lot younger and a lot skinnier.

    I always do better when I go to meetings and weigh in. I’ve gone to Weight Watchers too, but don’t really like to count points or spend all that money.

    I lost 10 pounds for the month of January at TOPS. I count my weight on Spark People though by my true weight in the morning before I get dressed. My little weight tracker thingy on there is finally showing some downhill progress. I didn’t do any good at all last year. Just kept losing and gaining the same 5 or 6 pounds.

    I’m already 5 pounds lower than I was in all of 2010.

    I know you’re going to get back on track, don’t we always eventually? I’d like to finally lose enough weight to be healthy and feel better though, not just a few pounds. However, in 2003, I weighed about 45 pounds more than I do now, so I have managed to keep off some of the weight since then. Every time I get up to a certain point, I put on the brakes and get serious again. I don’t want to ever be in a size 22/24 again. But I’m still in the obese category; can’t wait to just be considered “overweight” 🙂

    If you’d like to see some of my cups, here’s the liink to my website; I need to take a bunch off though that I sold or gave away.

    My name at Spark People is GailCC. Could you tell me yours? I’d like to find you over there.

  5. Well, shoot…wish I could edit comments….here’s the link to the cups:

  6. oh my goodness, the candles are fantastic!! WOW!!! Have you sold a ton of them? I think your prices are exceptional!!

    ..I’ll look you up on SparkPeople…send you a private message…what teams are you on?

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