Fun evening with friend

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My friend called me Monday night and wanted to know if I’d go to see the Cleveland Orchestra with her (she won the tickets).  I wasn’t wild about the idea, but I told her I’d go with her anyhow.  We went out to dinner and did a little shopping before we headed to the auditorium.   On the shopping front, we stopped in at CVS again…this time I bought another bottle of the Xtra detergent and 3 packages of the Extra dessert gum (I’d really been wanting to try the chocolate mint).  I had a coupon for the gum (and was wishing I’d printed 2 coupons for the detergent when I had the chance…live and learn, right?) and $2 I ended up spending 99 cents for my purchase, saving $6.16…now I’m thinking that’s pretty cool!  And I did remember to get a raincheck for the Crest rinse…I’m bad about forgetting to get a raincheck until after I’ve left the store…but my good friend was there to remind me…isn’t it great to have friends?!

On to the orchestra…I couldn’t believe how great our seats were…face value of the tickets was $59 each (not a bad freebie value, right?)  But the orchestra…not exactly my style.  Of course, they were extremely talented (I can’t begin to imagine the hours and hours of rehearsal), but the music just didn’t really appeal to me.  I honestly tried to go into the evening with an open mind, but wow…I just couldn’t get into it.  There was one bit where the lead violin guy (see how much I know about this?!) played beautifully…I did enjoy that.  But that was about it.  Yep, I’m definitely not a classical kind of gal..give me some old time rock any day.

My friend didn’t enjoy the music either, but hey, it was free and it was something neither of us had done before…and it’s also something that neither of us is likely to do again in the future.  I told her if she won tickets to the opera to call someone else, but if she scored some tickets to River Dance or any kind of Celtic music, count me in!!  And it’s always good to get together with friends, even if we do something that turns out to be a bit of a disappointment…you never know until you try!


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