Talked myself out of spending money today!

I was at Michaels today….love that store!!  Anyhow, they had their Christmas stuff marked down to 90% off.  I looked at it, but decided I didn’t really need any more decorations or wrapping paper (I bet I have enough wrapping paper and gift bags to last at least 5 years!)

BUT…they also had some home decor items marked at 90% off…gorgeous pottery vases and containers, some kind of large woven (grass?) vases and several styles of baskets.  I really liked the pottery style containers and seriously considered buying a couple.  One I particularly liked was marked down to $1.69 and another was $1.99.  So I start talking with myself…silently…don’t want people thinking I’m any crazier than they already think I am!!  “Do I really need another piece of pottery when I have the entire cabinet above the fridge filled with pottery containers and glass vases?  Is this something that I’ll end up putting away and eventually donating to Goodwill or posting on Freecycle?”

So…talked myself out of spending the money on something that would really have been just an impulse purchase.  Yes, the amount was negligible..but that’s often how I’ve justified spending money my entire life…I’m only now realizing that those few dollars here and there will add up to a significant savings.  I think this whole frugal living thing is kicking in…I’m actually embracing it and feeling good about it.  In the past, when I’ve tried to save money (or spend less), I’ve felt deprived.  Now I feel empowered…very cool!

I did buy a couple of baskets…one was small enough to fit in the cubby hole in my desk…and I’ve actually been looking for exactly that.  The other one was a large basket that I’m going to use in my bedroom closet..another thing that I’ve been looking for over the past several weeks.  I spent $1.69 on the small basket and $2.79 on the larger one…so I guess I didn’t actually not spend any money today, but I sure spent less than I would have in the past.  Oh, and I had a gift card to make my purchases…and there’s still money on it…woohoo!!

Read a blog today that was listing some of the things that CVS will have on sale next week. One of the items was Xtra laundry detergent for $1.49…and they provided a link for a $1 coupon…49 cents for laundry detergent.  Seriously?  I’ve never tried that brand, but I’m willing to give it a whirl…and I just read about their coupon machines.  I didn’t notice it when I was there the other day, maybe not all stores have them?  Of course, I wasn’t looking for it either.  But you can bet I will be on my next visit!