Obtaining coupons

Wow…I had no idea that there were so many ways a person could get coupons.  I always just thought you found them in the Sunday paper and the occasional magazine.  Blogs have opened a whole new world of couponing to me.  I subscribe to several blogs now and am amazed at how much time people are able to put into them.  There’s so much info…what coupons are out there, where to get coupons, where to get the best deals by using coupons with what’s on sale.  I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed…trying to do the whole baby steps thing…learn as I go.  But it really is a lot of fun!

So I glanced through the Kroger ad online this evening and think I’ve come across a few good deals where I can combine a sale price with a coupon…Kraft singles on sale for $1.99 and I just printed off two coupons for $1 off 1 package..so that’d be just 99 cents..I think that’s pretty good.  And Kraft singles are actually something I buy and eat.

I’m wondering if I’m better off going to two different grocery stores…there’s a Kroger close to where I live and a Marsh a block from where I work.  I don’t usually go to Marsh, but I think I may give it a try on my lunch break one day next week.

I don’t subscribe to the newspaper, but a couple of the women I work with are going to give me the coupon inserts from their papers.  And I was able to print out a $10 off $30 purchase at PetSmart for one of them (I was telling her about using that coupon the other day and she said she’d like to have one if I could find it again). 

So I’m slowly building up my coupon stash.  Can’t wait to see how much I can save on my next trip to the grocery store (likely on Monday or Tuesday).  Who knew saving money could be so much fun?!