Wow…it’s almost Christmas

I’ve kind of missed the excitement of the holiday season, just plain working too much…but I had today off (as well as the next two days…woohoo).  Still didn’t do anything to enjoy the season…actually took a couple of long naps, ate too much, watched Days of Our Lives and cuddled with my little cat.  Kind of nice to have an entire day without having any kind of expectations.  Tomorrow I’ve got to get to the grocery store for a few last minute things…think I’ll go early (I still wake up early on my days off) and get back home before the hordes descend on the stores.  I’ve had enough of crowded stores…

Battling a little bit of depression this year.  Not getting together with my brothers and their families and not going to get to see my step sister‘s kids either…once they all grow up they have so many other obligations that I’m not always able to arrange my schedule to match theirs.  Sure not like Christmas‘s past when we all got together, the kids were little, my mom was still alive and we made Christmas a family event.  Definitely miss my mom…it’s been 20 years, but I still miss her…she was really what kept our family together.  But, I guess it’s true, the only constant thing in life is change, and we all have to do our best to adapt.

I’m looking forward to getting the junk out of my house, getting back with my fitness program and doing some serious decluttering…that’s something I really have to stay on top of and I haven’t for the past few months…looks like there will be several trips to make donations.  I find living in a less cluttered home helps me lose weight and not be depressed…some kind of connection there for sure.  I’ll plan my weekly missions later (I typically tackle one area at a time, getting rid of  a set number of things each day that I work and a different amount on the days I don’t work).  Getting back to a normal routine will help me get back to losing weight and I definitely need to get the weight lost…I’m going to do it and I’m going to keep it off!!

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  1. Have you been reading my mind? We are DEFINITELY on a similar path – decluttering, wondering about the holidays, and sneaking in some Days… Uh – can you believe they all look the same?

    I’ve probably removed about 10 hefty bags from my house – pantry, closet, under the bed, dresser, closet, bathroom – I just can’t imagine where it all came from. But it has been really lovely – a sense of peace and order amidst a bit of mental and emotional chaos.

    I actually was supposed to be off last week – and it didn’t happen. I still have 2 – non-negotiable deadlines – and unfortunately my body and mind are wiped out. So I baked today, napped, and gave the reports a rest. I’m hoping inspiration will find me soon though. Ha!

    Hugs to you ~

    • I so agree that the decluttering brings with it a sense of peace and calm…I did do a little cleaning today, got rid of 1 extra bag of trash…isn’t that sad? Junk just sitting around waiting to be tossed, taking up space in my house and my mind. Sounds like you’ve been into the decluttering big time…now that I’m finished with the crazy work hours I can get back into it and I can’t wait. One thing I’m going to make a real effort to do is to really think about what I’m getting ready to purchase…before I purchase it…do I need it? is it something that I’m going to give away (or hide in a closet) in a couple months?

      I sure hope you’re able to get some much needed time off very soon…I’m looking forward to my week off starting on the first…

      Be good to yourself!

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