No Soda Challenge, Day 12…tired

Well, I did make it through day 12 without a soda, but, this afternoon, I sure could have used that little boost I get from the caffeine.  Went in to work at 6 am, worked on setting the ad for 5 hours, then had to start working on getting things ready for our corporate visitor (he’ll be here Tuesday).  There’s so much to do and we’re so terribly busy that I can’t seem to get anything done.  So tomorrow starts at 5 am and will last until it’s all done (heck, I could be spending the night…)

I did hop on the exercise bike and did upper body strength training before I went to work…and managed to get in quite a bit of walking.  Took my yummy pizza to work for lunch, along with my crustless pumpkin pie…it tasted just as good as it did yesterday.  I had a bowl of trail mix (well, Cheerios and dried fruit), but ended up not taking an afternoon break…so now I have it for tomorrow!  Think I’ll head to bed in just a bit…I need to get up pretty early and I am really making an effort to get enough sleep.  I think lack of sleep is a big issue for me as far as weight gain goes.  So now to tackle day 13…

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