No Soda 30 Day Challenge, Day 9

Another crazy busy day at work…huge truck, lots of customers…but no soda for me!!  So not too bad overall for the challenge…1 soda in 9 days.  I did think about getting one once yesterday, but the thought was very fleeting…just kind of passed through my mind in a moment and then disappeared.  I drank plenty of water and ate fairly healthy foods for each meal.  Got in a good workout before I left for work (was awake at 3:50 am and could not go back to sleep…just decided to get up and work out), and some short bursts of exercise throughout the day.  Really, the exercise isn’t a problem for me at all, being able to control my eating is the main issue for me…but I’m getting better at it, slowly…but what the heck, it’s a journey and at least I’m taking part in it rather than just sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else…


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