More Ambience

Okay, for most people, this wouldn’t seem like a bad way to spend the day at work…I had to use the Cricut machine to decorate story boards for our stocking stuffers aisle.  It turned out pretty good, but it took me most of the day to do it…I had to decorate 10 two and a half foot boards, then hang them up to hide the overstock.  It does make it look nice, but I kept thinking about all the things I need to do…but they’ll still be there waiting for me tomorrow.

One of the women started decorating the breakroom…took wide velvet ribbon and used it to wrap the fridge like a present…then put a huge bow on top…pretty cute!

Lost another pound of the four I gained…2 down, 2 to go!  And made it through another day with no soda…actually hadn’t even given it a thought until I sat down to write this blog…cool!!  Got a lot of exercise in today, but all of it in fairly short bursts…10 minutes here, 15 minutes there…but it all counts!!  And didn’t buy a single thing from the vending machine today!!  Ate the lunch and snacks that I’d packed, drank lots of water…good day in that regard.  Now I’m watching Survivor and thinking about going to bed fairly early…gotta do it all again in the morning…well, hopefully not the Cricut stuff…


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