No Soda 30 Day Challenge…Day 2

Well, made it through day two with no diet soda relatively easily.  Woke up with a terrible headache, thought about calling in for work, but decided to just go on in anyhow…glad I did…the headache disappeared and I had a pretty good day.  Did consider buying a diet Coke from the vending machine, but didn’t allow the thought to really take root in my brain…just picked up my bottle of water and drank that.

I did eat some of that blasted Halloween candy at work tho…what is it with candy just sitting out there for all to see?  Why does that make me want it?  There have been times when I’ve actually talked myself out of eating candy (or other not very good for me things) by reminding myself that I hadn’t even been thinking about the candy until I saw it…and  therefore only wanted it precisely because I’d seen it…And that actually worked for me…too bad I didn’t think to tell myself that today!  The good news is, I entered all that I ate in my nutrition tracker at and still managed to be within range on calories and the various nutrients I track…yea me!!  And managed to get in over 2 hours of exercise too…not too bad for a day that started with a headache!!


3 Responses

  1. Good job on drinking more water and less soda. My weaknesses are tea and coffee. 😉 Really trying to figure how to make sure I drink enough water each day. Good Luck to you!!

  2. I’m going to try to remember what you said.

    Remind myself that I want a certain food to eat just because I laid eyes on it, and not because I’m hungry.

    My grandson brought home a bunch of candy from preschool, and generously offered me some. I turned him down, easily. But of course, I usually am quite virtuous the first week of a diet. 🙂

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