Happiness through fitness?

I never really understood those people who claimed to achieve a “runner’s high“.  I have friends and family members who are serious runners (can you say “Boston”?), but I was never one of them.  Instead I was overweight, out of shape and felt that was my destiny.  Oh, I had periods of time when I would jump head first into a fitness and diet program, but it never lasted…I was never able to make permanent changes…never made fitness a priority…and goodness knows, I never made healthy eating a lasting part of my life.

Over the past two years I’ve been working diligently to change my outlook on life…working to become happier, healthier, more accepting of the person I am.  It’s a struggle, but one I believe I’m winning (most days).  I’ve lost a lot of weight, gained a little back, lost it again…but through all of that, I’ve continued to workout every day.  A few months ago, I decided to give running another try…some people may have thought it was crazy for a 50 year old, still overweight woman to attempt to run.  But I wanted to do it for me…and I did!  I started slowly, using the Couch to 5K program, bought a treadmill for the miserable days (okay, so I’m a wimp…don’t like running when it’s pouring down rain or when it’s 100 degrees…haven’t had to deal with the zero degree temps yet, so we’ll see how that goes), and just continued to run a little more each time.  I signed up for my first 5K and ran/walked it…what a wonderful feeling that was to cross that finish line.  Yes, I’m slow…not sure if I’ll ever be a fast runner…but I don’t care…just getting out there and running brings me such a sense of accomplishment…hey, maybe I’m beginning to understand what that whole runner’s high thing is all about!!


3 Responses

  1. I see we started a blog on the same day. Since you commented on mine, thought I’d mosey on over to yours.

    I’m impressed that you ran a 5k, and that you work out every day. I am terrible at consistently exercising. But I babysit a 2 year old; that must count for some exercise!

    I am attempting once again to make changes in my eating habits; maybe, like you, I can eventually start some sort of exercise routine and stick to it! What a change that would be!

  2. Whether you end up being a “fast” runner or not, makes no difference, as long as you’re running. Congrats on finishing your first 5K. You’ll find that road races can become addicting (better that than other things, right?).

    I run on the treadmill too when it’s raining or extremely hot…nothing wimpy about that…it’s called using your noggin! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for leaving me a comment! I thought I would check out your blog as well! That’s great about you completing your first 5K! You should feel so proud! I’m only 23 and you probably can run longer and faster than me! But, I’m workin on it. 🙂

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